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Discover is the best way for you to find businesses you never even knew about.

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QuickBusiness Book

The most innovative phonebook app

Everyone's Business.
You Should Know It.


The most innovative way to find Barbadian Businesses.

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Know Everything With Just A Peek

Quick look at Business Profiles.

Tap. Tap. Tap Away.

Every tap has a purpose.

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More information.

Information that matters.

So. So. So. Organised.

Makes searching easier.

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There's More...

no wifi

No WiFi, No Problem

Don't have access to WiFi or network coverage? QuickBusiness Book caches businesses on your phone, so you can still access businesses and find a service you require.

social media

Social Media Platforms

QuickBusiness Book allows you to visit businesses' social media platforms all from their Business Profiles. Saves you the time of having to search for them.


Jump right in a WhatsApp chat

Having a Phonebook with business numbers is normal, we've went a step ahead. Tap on numbers and jump directly into a WhatsApp chat with them.


Location, Location ..

Tap on a business's store address and you'll be taken to Apple Maps so you can get directions.



Businesses are organised in subcategories. Subcategories narrow down your requirement, which makes it easier to find the right business for your need.

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Ahead of the pack

QuickBusiness Book is the most innovative way to find businesses around the island. Taking advantage of your phone in the right way.


Building amazing apps for amazing people.

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